Auto Ignition Blow Lamp idealgas

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  • Soldering,
  • Brazing,
  • Melting roof tar,
  • Pre-heating large castings before welding, such as for repairing cast-iron cylinder heads
  • For other direct rapid applications of heat such as in cooking.

Special features

  • It can operate off the 190 gram Butane Gas cartridge
  • Piezo ignition is in place
  • Maximum Temperature of 1750°C
  • Gas Consumption 42 g/hr
  • Features a solid brass nozzle
  • The adjustable gas flow control spindle ensures safety.

The Automatic Blow-Torch is a trusted aide of Plumbers, Air condition & Refrigerator Repairmen. Its light weight and constricted nature ensures mobility and ease of use in the field. It can also be used for peeling paint and designing cakes.

The Blow-Torch is not just for professionals. Make it your camping companion and it will make your task of lighting the campfire hassle-free even on cold and windy days. Outdoor living too will never be easier. Be it for soldering or repairing that has to be done in a hurry, the Blow-Torch is what you can depend on.

All our products are of fine workmanship and tested for quality. As such buying an automatic blowtorch will ensure that you have the best of quality and are getting complete value for money.


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